Growing Up In The World Of Bullies

There’s almost always something that distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd. They come in many different forms. But, there is one thing that stays consistant. Each and everyone of them picks one or two things and does it over and over and over again. I’ve come to notice that they never really were that creative. My tactic was to act like I was overly bored with everything they came up with. Like “Did you honestly think I really didn’t see this coming? You’re funny. Here, how about I make the mess, and this time you can pick it up since you know the drill so well.” They may get angry yes. Take this as a warning. But, let them know that whatever they decide to do next will only get them into more trouble then they originally planned on. Plus, it will only make them look more immature. It’s the reality of it. Use it. They will have no defense against it. That means you walk away on top without even laying a finger on them. Words, when mixed with reality, always work. Remember that.


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