Knowing the Games Predators Play

Many people encounter predators every day but a number of them don’t know they have until it’s to late. Nobody wants to hear that it’s to late. That’s basically saying that no one can take back what’s already happened. There is, however, warning signs that you can pick up on. Those are what I like to call their “games” and to be honest, they’re quite obvious if you really think about it.

Facts/ Warning Signs for each type I have found are as follows:

Male Predators:

  • They change their appearance often.
  • They can sometimes be forceful and possibly violent.
  • They are the most common type of predator you will find.
  • You can find them in chat rooms like Yahoo, MSN, or Kik, online gaming sites or online games themselves, parks, and any Social Media site that’s popular.
  • They may change the name they go by a few times (usually just nicknames or shorter versions of their actual name).
  • They range in age from a young teenager to 70-80 year old men.
  • They will go for either gender (male or female).
  • They will sometimes try to be nice but only to try and make you more comfortable or vulnerable.
  • They may try to look at you like you are “eye candy” even if you’re too young for them.
  • They can be overly dramatic just to try and get your attention and when that doesn’t work they will try something else.

Female Predators:

  • They are very rare to come across.
  • The public doesn’t usually punish them as hard because of their gender and the fact that they “should know better”.
  • They are most commonly found as young teachers (but I’m sure those are not the only kind, just the only kind that get any attention or have actually been caught).
  • Some of them come from abusive backgrounds and continue the cycle of abuse past just themselves.
  • They usually consist of middle aged women, not so much young teenage women.
  • They are very immature in the understanding of intimacy.

Common traits in both Men & Women Predators:

  • They can be someone you may have been close with.
  • They will try an get in good with your parents and/or you just to try to get closer to you.
  • They come from parents that don’t know how to raise them and are “push-overs”.
  • The warning signs for both will happen before the abuse even takes place.
  • They can sometimes be pushy or presistant.

Online Predators:

  • They are awkwardly nice.
  • They will agree with you on basically everything.
  • They may say “hi” to you out of the blue.
  • They at times have sexual Usernames that are out in the open.
  • They may try and form a relationship with you just to try and get closer to you.
  • They may try to get you to meet them right away.
  • They will go really fast in the steps of a “relationship” but when caught, they disappear without a word.

Another piece of information I would like you to know is their #1 secret. This is the same tactic they like to use on just about everyone of their victims or victims parents, friends, and family. They will say or do anything and everything you want them to, just to try and get you to do what they want you to do. It’s like their way of making you more comfortable with their made up lies, plus it also gives them a chance to spend more time with you. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Drop their hopes like loose change and walk away.

Questions you may be afraid to ask:

  1. What do you do when you encounter a sexual predator who uses drugs? A: Try starting up a conversation with somebody around you or next to you. Ignore the predator completely. If he continues to bother you, leave.
  2. What do you do when you encounter a sexual predator who uses weapons? A: If you can recognize something strange about them before they come near you, avoid them and get someone else’s attention. If that doesn’t work, Run to your nearest Police Department and let them know what’s going on. If it’s too far away, call them. 911
  3. What do you do when a sexual predator is being presistant or pushy and won’t leave? A: You leave before things get past the point of no return. Don’t ever rely on them to leave because you won’t get anywhere.
  4. Where do I go if I have already been hurt by a sexual predator or a child molester? What do I do first? A: Take a deep breath. Once you’ve calmed down, call the police. Again 911. After you talk to them they will most likely have you go to a hospital to have you checked out. Now I know it sounds scary but you will get through it. You got this. Take it one day at a time.
  5. What is the rate or likely hood that I will get hurt by a predator? A: That depends on how educated you are.
  6. Why are female predators so rare to find? A: Because most women automatically have that mothering instinct about them and do not typically think or consider hurting a child of any kind. Keep in mind that women still make mistakes and are not perfect.
  7. Why do predators always attack the innocent? A: They think that the innocent victims are the easiest to manipulate or convince. They believe that those are the most vulnerable ones.

Wesite: —> National Sex Offender Registry List


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