Never Trust a Charmer

A charmer is someone who tells you what you want to hear and then precedes to do what he or she wants. They can not be trusted. It’s the biggest sales tactic most, if not all, salesmen use. All it does is cause more problems for either you or someone else to fix. It also costs you more money in the long run.

Basically your best bet is to know the signs of a charmer. Ladies, take a guy for example. You know, the ones who say whatever you just to get you into bed with them. They’ll smooth talk you a lot, but notice where the direction of the conversation is going. Be smart about it. Acknowledge and assess the situation and decide for yourself when to end the conversation.

Understand though that these sort of things don’t just happen to females. This happens to males as well and more than you would think. Men are not the only ones looking for just a good time. But on that note, the way to handle these types of situations is the same. Acknowledge and assess the situation and decide for yourself when it’s appropriate to end the conversation. If the conversations seem too perfect to be true, a red flag needs to go up.

Also, things like this (charming/charmers) are not just in single people crowds. They can be found as salesmen or women, doctors, employees, employers, and people who you think are friends.

Just be aware of what’s going on when talking with someone you just met for the first time. From my own experiences, they will say what you want to hear but none of it will make sense. A good way to know whether or not you’re getting charmed is to try and confuse them. If they still say yes to everything you say, then you know and from there you can make your own decision on what to do next. The end decision should always be up to you.