It ain’t nothing Aunt Jemima can’t fix!

Pancakes cure everything and Aunt Jemima makes the best ones! All of us have stress and situations in our lives were we don’t know what to do. Here’s a suggestion, drop everything (unless you’re at work, then wait until you get home) and go make some pancakes. Take and put your mind in another place and mentally get away. Come back to the situation  with a clear mind and ready to find a solution.


You’re HUMAN, not a Race!

Skin is skin. All it does is hold in everything that’s in your body. Even if each skin color is different, doesn’t mean it serves any other purpose. It doesn’t define what type of person someone is. Your actions and behavior are what define what type of person you are. Nothing else. Nobody holds any right to judge somebody based off of something they were born with. Not a single person has that kind of power. You’re not anymore superior than anyone else. That goes for all races! If for whatever reason someone judges you or belittles you because of your skin color, remember that it’s not the skin color that is judging you; it’s the person that’s judging you and not all of us are like that. Be upset with their behavior, not their skin color. Skin color is just that, skin. It may be on a person, but it’s not it’s own person.

5 W’s and 1 H

When you go into an eye doctor appointment and they put those 3D glasses on you and ask you to point out which object stands out to you, that’s the obvious image right? The same general idea applies to your life. Everything you see on a daily basis is your obvious image. But what about the picture that lies underneath that obvious image?

Think back to the doctors office visit. How did the obvious image, that stood out to you, play a part in the main image as a whole? What is its role? Why is it there? What is it there for? How does it fit in to this picture? Who put it there? When did it get there?

Now look at your life. The situations that happen and the people in your life playing a part in those situations. Get nosy with yourself and ask yourself why, what, what for, who, when, and how. Answer those questions by observing what’s around you. You don’t have to go up to the person and ask them “What are you doing in my life?”, but you can ask yourself that. All you have to do is observe and think about it. Yes, you will come across the occasional answer of “I don’t know” but that’s when you have to go deeper. Maybe someone is in your life because they are suppose to teach you something. Put it this way, every person in your life and everything that happens in your life happens or is there for a reason. Nothing and no one is there just for the hell of it.

So next time someone tells you to look at the bigger picture, they want you to look at the picture that lies beneath the obvious image along with the obvious image. All of it as a whole. They want you to see and understand the picture as a whole. Once you do things in your life will make a lot more sense.


I know most of you don’t like reality. I also know it hurts at times, but what reality is doing is showing you what’s wrong so that you can either a) learn from it, or b) fix it. When my cousin took his own life, it taught me to reconsider holding in how I feel inside all the time (of course that wasn’t until after the grieving was over). It taught me that I needed to sit down and figure out all my personal problems and not let them get so out of hand that I can’t take it anymore. Reality took something horrible in my life and gave me something good from it. Reality is not out to get you. It’s not something you need to hide from. It’s something that can help you. Look at the picture underneath the obvious image. That is where you’re going to find your answers. All those “Why me?” questions, that’s where you can answer those. Trust that reality will steer you in the right direction. Don’t just pay attention to the obvious, pay attention to what the obvious is trying to tell you. What is it trying to teach you?

Hatred and Opinion: What’s the Difference?

Hatred: Hatred is a statement made towards a person, place, or thing. It’s a statement or comment that is usually intended to hurt a persons feelings. Usually the person making the hateful comment doesn’t care that it hurts the other person.

For example, “I wish you would go jump off a bridge!”, is a hateful comment.

Opinion: An opinion is a statement in which shows a persons view on a specific topic, decision, or event. This type of statement is not and will never be intended to hurt anyone’s feelings for any reason.

So, when a news outlet or media makes a post on social media asking things such as ” Do you think this bill should have been passed?” or “Do you think this person got the right punishment for their crime?”, they are asking you for your opinion. Every one of you is entitled to one. Understand this though, not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you. So holding their opinions over their head and telling them that they are wrong for thinking them is RIDICULOUS! An opinion is not a right or wrong answer. People are not right or wrong because they think or feel differently then the next person. Learn to accept that and move on with your life. Getting yourself worked up over this is not worth it. Next time someone asks you for your opinion, just leave your opinion (at your will) and leave it at that. Wipe your hands of it and move on. It makes things simple and less stressful for you.

High School: I wish I never…

There’s so many things I wish I never did back in high school. I was so hung up in the social life that I took away from time to just focus on me. I was too worried about guys and dating when I should have been focusing on what I wanted to do with my life. Don’t do what I did! If you’re in high school, take time to just focus on you. Who cares about who’s dating who or whether or not you’re in a relationship. Be social and make friends but forget the petty stuff. You have your whole life to worry about that. Save it for another day. You only get to go through high school once. There’s no redos.

Trial & Error with Chris Burkmenn

I know a lot of you are afraid to try things for fear that they won’t work. Some of you may have tried things and they didn’t work. Maybe some of you keep trying to do the same things and always ending up with the same ending results. That’s what happens when you don’t try something new.
For instance, if I were to try and date somebody I really liked but I kept going about things in the same manner watching things fail time and time again; I’d never get the person’s attention, right? But what if I went about it in a different way? What if I tried a different approach to getting this person’s attention?
Sometimes when you try things using more than one approach you get better results. It’s all about Trial and Error. Some ideas will work and some will not. It’s up to you to figure out which ones do and which ones don’t. Eliminate frustrations, go back to the drawing board, and get thinking.

We  asked Chris Burkmenn  of the CBEX in  Nashville a few questions about what he did when he came across struggles in his dreams. This is what he said.

How did you manage to get past those times? The struggles.

Getting past The struggles I think is hard for anyone. It truly challenges us to question are we in this for convince or was this something I was born to do. Our dreams take work to get there and it will be a lot of work. See anyone can have a “thought” to do something, but few truly dream and push through the struggles because it’s hard and it’s uncomfortable.

I wish I could write this and say to each of you, that I am free of the struggle; and that all is well and that I will never have to fight that again. The truth is each day I wake up and I have to decide if today is going to be a good day or a bad day. Am I going to give into the insecurities of failing or am I going to push myself so that no matter what the outcome is I actually learned something valuable from my 24 hours. Each of us has 24 hours no more, no less and we must each choose to fight for what we want.

See I am a man of faith and I truly believe that “God doesn’t place a dream inside of us that He doesn’t have the ability to fulfill.”

So to answer your question how do I manage to get past the struggles, I fight each day that I wake up.

Do you feel you’ve reached most of the goals or all of the goals you wanted to reach when you first started out? Are there any others you would like to still achieve down the road?

I have reached some crazy goals that I never in my life that thought they would be even possible to achieve. Growing up admiring Barbara Walters to pretending I was Carson Daly in my mirror. I knew since I was young I wanted to be in front of a camera and entertain people. I remember just know it was a part of my purpose. I have been a music fan since a child and when I realized that the gift of singing was not a part of my gift I still just wanted to be a part of it. I am a very lucky person to have been fortunate enough to work for some of the biggest music award shows that exist. Meeting some of the artist that I have admired since a child.

Each day I wake up and take a breath I think, What new goals can I dream up today. I think each chapter of your life reveals new interests and mindsets. We must continue to tap into these wonderful things that drive us and figure out how we can spend the rest of our lives making that our “work.”

So many other goals that I would like to achieve I’d love to one day be able to play with the big dogs like Ryan Seacrest, Carson Daly, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen. I am sure by the time I reach those levels there will be different people in those positions and with hope and work I’d love to be one of those people. But I believe in what I am doing and I love it, but this is just the beginning of my story.

Is there anything you would like to tell anyone trying to achieve their dreams and goals as you did? Maybe some advice based off of your own experiences?

My greatest advice that I could give you is, Start working toward your goal where you are, what can you do now that will help prepare you for where you want to go. It’s such valuable advice because we often think we will be learning when we get where we want to go, but truly we should already be ready when we hit that moment. Each of us have a different course that will take to get where we want to go and they will all look different, but that doesn’t discount the preparation of that dream.

Where can we find the CBEX?

You can find CBEX on  we are also on youtube which is our vehicle for our content. We have some great things coming up as well as being a part of which is September 12th here in Nashville if you or any of your readers are in town I’d love to meet you and have you stop by this great day full of fun, music, and supporting our local Nashville. Carly Pearce and Jenn Bostic will be there as well as some other great talent!

Thank you truly for the great experience of being a part of what your dream is and where you hope to go with it. You are on the right track and just keep going. Never let anyone tell you that it’s not worth it, because it’s worth every mistake, every attempt, and every great moment you will ever achieve.

“The death of the dream is the day you stop believing in the work it takes to get there.”

Chris Burkmenn

On behalf on Plain & Simple I’d like to Thank You for taking the time to answer these questions and for sharing your story with us! We only hope that you continue striving towards your goals and dreams!